BANEScarparking - an R package

13 January 2017

Happy new year everyone!

January exams are imminent, so I should be revising. Therefore I have written an R package...

Admittedly it is a little bit niche, but hopefully it will prove useful for the machine learning project I'm working on with BMLM (I have mentioned this project before - it was part of my motivation for TDTVOD).

The package isn't currently on CRAN (one day maybe!) but v0.1.1 can be found on GitHub here:

and you can install it with


UPDATE (23/01/2018)

There have been loads of awesome updates to BANEScarparking since it was first released!

And BANEScarparkinglite, the dataless version, totally is on CRAN :D

You can find it here:

So if you ever feel an urgent desire to analyse Bath & North East Somerset's historical parking records, you know what to do.