I'm a data scientist living in Bath, United Kingdom. This is a collection of projects I have spent time on while I was supposed to be doing other things.


AFK, back in 2 months
September 2018
Some things I learned which definitely have completely nothing at all to do with my job
Running RStudio on a Google Cloud Dataproc cluster
May 2018
Getting set up to use Spark with R on a Google Cloud computing cluster
BANEScarparking: an R package
January 2018
An accompaniment to BathML's long-term parking prediction project
Love Machine: Automating the romantic songwriting process
February 2018
Because being creative is hard and machine learning is the answer to everything
Scale up your interest
January 2018
Key steps for getting into data science
H2O.ai: Going for a paddle
August 2017
A brief dive into the H2O machine learning framework
Markov and Churchill: an exploration of predictive text
July 2017
A foray into memoryless stochastic processes
Digit Recognition: Building a neural network from scratch in R
September 2016
My very first project: building a simple neural network for handwritten digit recognition
30 Days, 30 Visualizations, 1 Dataset
October 2016
A month-long challenge to exhaustively explore and analyse a single dataset
Derivation of backpropagation, plus a network diagram
October 2016
Deriving the backpropagation formulae, and a network diagram for one of my previous projects
Placement Year Salaries: Getting data from HTML
September 2016
Getting to grips with the basics of scraping data from the web


Debugging: Installing NVIDIA Drivers on Fedora
June 2019
Adding a Git Bash alias
August 2017
Snippets in RStudio
January 2017
Loading RStudio settings with Command Prompt
October 2016
IE Automation with VBA in Excel
October 2016